Medical City Workforce Development

Health Science Institute Creation

Allied Health Professional Training

Nursing, EMT, Medical Assistants, Medical Lab Technologists

Bachelors Level Training

B.S. Health Science & B.A. Health Management

Masters Degrees

Health Care Administration & Masters of Public Health

Premedical & Medical Education

Graduate Medical Education

We Think Globally

GMED is the leading health institution specializing in the development of a health care workforce for government and non-government institutions. Our veteran medical educators offer consultation on creating and implementing medical programs, as well as designing curricula to train medical care providers globally.

Global Services

Founded on the principle that health care education should stem from the needs of the society it serves and forge a partnership with governments, private and public hospitals, and other institutions of higher education, GMED provides innovative solutions to countries in need of professional health care development.


GMED offers a range of services that will help your government and/or non-government organizations. As a first step, GMED offers an Organizational Assessment and/or Macro-Environmental Assessment.


GMED focuses on innovative solutions and utilizes global relationships to provide industry expertise and initiatives to meet the needs and workforce demands of clients.


GMED’s strategic partnerships and collaborative work with an organization is results focused. Results-oriented initiatives provide large scale improvements with strategies for spread and sustainability.